200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Asturias, Spain – January 2020

Dear Students,

We are delighted to welcome you to Karuna’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. It promises to be a thorough and transformative experience. This program is in compliance with the standards of the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance.

We welcome all students who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of the art and science of yoga, integrate the philosophy into their daily life, and gain self-understanding.  It doesn’t matter whether you’d like to teach or not, you’re a new yoga student or you’ve been practicing for years.  This yoga teacher training will bring you into alignment, not just in your poses but in all aspects of your life. You’ll learn a lot, peel away layers and find your true core, meet like-minded people, and enjoy every moment of it!  

Established in 1997, this program is rigorous and designed to meet the needs of students who envision teaching and those who already teach yoga. Dedicated students and teachers work together—creating an inspired and inclusive learning community. The program offers studies with highly qualified, passionate teachers, as well as a complete curriculum encompassing over 200 hours of training.

Throughout the training, we will cover the basic, progressive, and integrated study of asana, pranayama, anatomy, yoga philosophy, and teaching for different ages and different needs.

Begins:    January 24, 2020
Location: Luanco, Gozón Asturias
Eileen Muir teaches this 10-month and 200-hour teacher training certification. This training for yoga teachers meets the standards of the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance and promises to be a complete and transformative experience.

Who is the training for?

Those who wish to become certified yoga teachers and teach with confidence.
Yoga teachers who wish to deepen their understanding and improve their teaching.
Students who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga and obtain tools to live a fuller life through a constant and supportive orientation.

About Eileen Muir

As the founder and director of Karuna Yoga (Northampton, MA, USA), she has been leading teacher trainings for more than 20 years and has certified hundred of teachers.  Her commitment to living the yoga philosophy and practicing yoga as a lifelong path comes through in her teaching, and her students come away with this integrated understanding of yoga upon graduating from the teacher training.

When Eileen teaches she is a spark that lights up the room and ignites her students.  It’s clear she loves teaching yoga, and she brings that vitality, precision and clarity to each student.  Her many years of living yoga as a path inspires her to share the fruits of her practice and to help others make effective and palpable changes in their lives to reduce pain and suffering.  A native of Scotland, Eileen brings a lively Celtic spirit, humor and joy to her teaching.

She began her yoga training at an early age in Edinburgh, and her studies led her to India, China and Japan. She has been devoted to meditation and studying the Iyengar method since 1983. In addition to being a Yoga Alliance 500-hr. certified teacher trainer, Eileen is also an IAYT certified yoga therapist and an AOBTA certified instructor, practitioner and leader of Shiatsu trainings.

In 2018 she moved to Asturias, Spain to establish Karuna Center for Yoga & Healing Arts, Spain where she teaches weekly classes, online yoga videos, conducts workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings both nationally and internationally.




Program Dates:

January 24-26

February 28 – March 1

March 27-29

April 24-26

May 22-24

June 26-28

July 10-12

No session in August

September 18-20

October 23-25

November 27-29

December 11-13



1.) Monthly payment plan option:   Total Program Cost:  € 1,700

Deposit due before December 1, 2019:  € 200

Payment 1 of each month x 10, starting January 1st:  € 150

2.) Payment in full option before 1/1 (save € 100):

Total Program Payment:  € 1,600


  • Asana, Sequencing, and Linking
  • Experiential Anatomy
  • Yoga Philosophy, History and Ethics
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Assisting and Adjusting Verbally and Physically
  • Development of Personal Practice
  • Development of Teaching Outside of the Studio
  • Use of Props
  • Videotaping Postures as an educational tool
  • Online Learning

You will Learn to:

  • Communicate your knowledge effectively
  • Give clear instructions
  • Give directions in correct order
  • Increase your awareness through observation
  • Assess yourself as a teacher
  • Examine teaching ethics and the business of yoga
  • Teach yoga for pregnancy, menstruation and for people of different ages and different needs
  • Integrate yoga philosophy into your daily life


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