“Balance does not mean merely balancing the body. Balance in the body is the foundation for balance in life. In whatever position one is in , or in whatever condition in life one is placed, one must find balance. Balance is the state of present–the here and now. If you balance in the present, you are living in eternity.” …

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Partner Yoga Workshop

Sutra 111.35: hrdaye cittasamvit B.K.S. Translation:  “By samyama on the region of the heart, the yogi acquires a thorough knowledge of the contents and tendencies of consciousness.” Karuna Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training student Anna Hansen and her daughter Heidi practicing partner yoga This Sunday, February 16th at Karuna come join Eileen Muir as she guides you …

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The Art of Observation

A student recently snapped this shot of a class observing Eileen doing a pranayama demonstration. The practice we do at Karuna is a mindfulness practice of seeing, hearing, feeling, and doing. Doing from a place of being. As an aspect of the Iyengar practice students learn the art of observation; we observe actions in each …

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Slow down and surrender to the joy of the present moment Restorative yoga, longer held poses supported with blankets, belts, and blocks, provides the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh from the summer heat.  Holding poses longer in restorative yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows the heart rate, dilates the blood vessels, which …

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“My Body is a Temple, My Asanas are My Prayers”

The following is an extended exerpt from a documentary on B.K.S. Iyengar that is now in post-production. Currently the producers of the film are raising funds in order to release the full 90 minute documentary. Donations can be made at this website: Development Screener1 from Lindsey Clennell on Vimeo.

Beginner’s Course, Beginner’s Mind

For the last 6 weeks students have been participating in an 8 Week Beginner’s Course at Karuna, taught by Paul Menard. With just two weeks to go participants have been experiencing remarkable changes in their own practice while witnessing and cheering on their peers as they grow and learn together. While many in the course …

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Candlelight Yoga

Flickering Warmth & Nurturing Relaxation 4th week of every month Sunday 5:15 pm and Monday – Friday 5:30 pm classes Come feel the cozy and nurturing environment of soft candlelight, glowing and flickering its way into your heart.  Karuna is a temple and the sacredness of our space, while lit by candlelight, will melt your …

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Yoga For Gardeners

We are so lucky to live in an area that allows us to delight in the pleasures of growing endless varieties of food and flowers in our gardens. For many of us gardening is a practice like yoga; it is an opportunity to enter into communion with the same energy we find in asana, in …

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