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Private Skype Sessions

Private Skype Sessions


    • Private Skype Sessions are in hourly increments only and may be for one or more hours. Please pay at least 48 hours prior to your session for the number of hours you want to book.
    • In this Skype Session you can explore a variety of issues with Eileen’s guidance. This may include: (1) How to deepen your home yoga practice. (2) Receive support and guidance with your asana. (3) Get a tailored sequence from Eileen to suit your needs. (4) How to apply yoga philosophy in your practice and in your daily life. (5) Supporting and mentoring you as a yoga teacher, including help with sequencing and linking classes, how to help people with special needs, themes for your classes, and more. (6) How to develop a pranayama practice from basic to advanced. (7) How to develop meditation and/or inquiry practices (8) Or any combination of the above.
    • For a deeper exploration, you may book a session for multiple hours. For more information, email Eileen at:

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