W27-18-SP-2 Standing Poses

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W27-18-SP-2-Standing Poses

Levels: II – IV

This class is designed to energize, strengthen and balance the body and bring you into a state of stillness and surrender.

Philosophy Theme: Yoga Sutra 2.1 tapah svadhyaya ishvara-pranidhana kriya-yogah

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2 reviews for W27-18-SP-2 Standing Poses

  1. Eileen Daugherty (verified owner)

    Vintage Eileen Muir class — a challenging class that is very doable! The actions repeat all the way thru — the sequence builds beautifully. It was a very hot day here, so I appreciated the resting poses sprinkled throughout the class. As a bonus, part way thru class you hear some beautiful birds in the background. I think once I even heard a donkey?!! Thank you Eileen.

  2. allene28 (verified owner)

    Great class from beginning to end! Wonderful preparation that brought me steadily through the standing poses. I especially like and appreciate Eileen’s uncomplicated manner and explanation of Sutra 2.1. She has the ability to apply the sutra themes to everyday life, allowing me as a practitioner and teacher to understand these concepts better1
    Mary F

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