W32-18-FB-2 Forward Bends

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W32-18-FB-2  Forward Bends

Levels: II – IV

Forward bends have a quieting affect on the mind and have a calming affect on the nervous system.  They also bring agility and flexibility to the hips, legs and spine.  The practice invites surrender, release and contemplation.

Focus:  Exhale and move the energy of the brain into the heart.

Philosophy Theme: Isha Upanishad All this is Full. All that is Full.  From Fullness, Fullness comes.  When Fullness is taken from Fullness, Fullness Remains.” Translated by: Eknath Easwaran

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1 review for W32-18-FB-2 Forward Bends

  1. allene28 (verified owner)

    This was a great class! Forward bends are challenging for me, however, through skillful instruction of extending the anterior and posterior spine prior to folding resulted in accessing the poses on a deeper level done with ease; this allowed my nervous system to completely relax and my mind was empty and clear at the conclusion the class! I LOVE listening to the birds singing while in Savasana!
    Mary F.

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