W42-18-RP-2 Restorative Pranayama


W42-18-RP-2  Restorative & Pranayama 

Levels:  II – IV

This restorative class allows us to deeply rest and restore, brings blood to the brain with inversions to keep the mind awake and alert, and opens the chest with postures and props in preparation for pranayama.

The pranayama practice includes:

  • supine:  Extended ExhalationUjai, Viloma II
  • seated: Jalandhara BandhaUjai, Viloma IV and V.

Philosophy Theme:

Yoga Sutra: 1.36  viśokā vā jyotiṣmatī

“Steadiness of the mind is gained when the mind is pain free and luminous”

Translation and commentary: Edwin Bryant

Poem by: Hafiz



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